Eating House 1849 by Roy Yamaguchi - International Market Place

Restaurant Week Hawaii
Lunch Menu 

First Course
Ahi & Avocado
Won Ton Chip

Second Course (Choice of One Entrée)
Angry General
Fried Chicken | Honey Chili Butter | Cabbage | Honey Aioli

Kauai Prawns & Thai Salad
Mix Greens | Nam Pla Dressing

Braised Short Rib “Loco Moco”
Sunny Egg | Fried Rice | Mushroom Gravy

$28 (not including tax and gratuity)

Restaurant Week Hawaii
Dinner Menu

First Course
EH Sampler
Pipikaula Poke | Mongolian Chicken Lumpia | Ahi Tataki

Second Course (Choice of One Entrée)
Braised Lamb Shank “Kare Kare” 
Eggplant | Long Beans | Raisin Chutney

Ora King Salmon “Dynamite”
Crimini Mushrooms | Braised Banana Blossom

Surf & Turf Luau
Braised Short Rib, Tako, Lomi Tomato

Third Course
Banana Lumpia Crunch 
Caramel Glazed | Ube Ice Cream

$38 (not including tax and gratuity)

Eating House 1849 pays homage to Hawaii’s vibrant culinary heritage, a nod to restaurateurs like Peter Fernandez who, the story goes, opened one of the first restaurants in Hawaii, called the Eating House, back in the mid-1800s, using what was available from local farmers, ranchers, foragers and fishermen.

It’s here that award-winning Chef Roy Yamaguchi blends these two worlds: the easy ambiance and simple flavors of a plantation town with the dynamic modernity of haute cuisine.



  • Open daily

  • Lunch, 11am–3pm

  • Dinner, 5pm–10pm