10 Reasons to Support the Culinary Institute of the Pacific at Diamond Head

1. Honorary Chairs Roy Yamaguchi and Alan Wong: Solid support is already secured for the school.
2. Workforce Development: Make a contribution to Hawaii’s economic development and sustainability.
3. Opportunity for Higher Education: Help Hawaii’s young people develop their careers.
4. Culinary Tourism: Helping the Culinary Institute of the Pacific helps the visitor industry.
5. Growing Trend in the Culinary Arts: Be a part of the culinary arts movement in Hawaii.
6. Unique Focus on Asian Pacific Cuisine: Help Hawaii distinguish itself in the culinary world.
7. Naming Opportunity: Your contribution will continue to give to generations of students and be recognized.
8. Diverse Support from Government, Business and Community: Everyone agrees that the Culinary Institute of the Pacific is a good idea and there are no sides to take.
9. One-on-One Request for Contributions: I’m helping my friend, and it’s good for the cause.
10. Cannon Club Nostalgia: It’s nice to relive the good old days.