Goma Tei Ramen - International Market Place

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Goma Tei, a unique restaurant chain, is one of the best places for having an authentic Japanese noodle on the island. For over 10 years, Goma Tei offers an exciting combination of traditional and unique ramen and have developed a reputation for high quality food and welcoming aloha-inspired hospitality.

We primarily serve ramens, especially well-known for our superior tan tan ramen, which is a Chinese-Japanese hybrid of spicy sesame-seasoned ramen. We also serve other type s of ramen, including shoyu and sunho ramen, as well as other Japanese and Chinese dishes, such as chicken tatsutaage and mapo tofu. Our recipes are developed with considerations given to the health and nutritional needs of our customers together with flavorful taste. Our clear soup broth is homemade and considered low sodium and low fat; the tan tan base uses the homemade sesame sauce which is high in unsaturated fat and is good for cardiovascular health. We also have recipes designed for vegetarians.

At Goma Tei, we believe that Ramen has no boundaries. It is as diverse as the people who love them and the people who prepare them. We will continue to strive to be a ramen restaurant that customers keep coming back to.


  • International Market Place - 3rd Floor (#318)
    2330 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 
  • (808) 664-0331
  • Price Range: $
  • gomatei.com


  • International Market Place: Daily, 11am–10pm