Piggy Smalls

Restaurant Week Hawaii Menu coming soon!

PIGGY SMALLS is the newest restaurant from award winning chef Andrew Le and his team at The Pig & The Lady. In keeping with Andrew's culinary philosophy, this new iteration will have a unique and eclectic menu different from the main restaurant in Chinatown. Open 7 days a week serving lunch and dinner items, PIGGY SMALLS will also have quick takeaway items for the "on-the-go" diner, and also sit down service with playful bar menu and a dessert menu including the famous soft serve program, which will expand its myriad of flavors.

The intent of PIGGY SMALLS is to be a fixture and dining destination for the emerging urban core in Kaka‘ako. Located in Ward Village Shops, dine in... Spend your Sunday having brunch with your family or dog in our outdoor seating area... Or if you're on the run, pick up some food at our to-go counter.



  • Monday–Saturday, 11am–9:30pm

  • Saturday, 10am–9:30pm

  • Sunday, 10am–3pm