Umamiya Shabu Shabu


Everyday Special

As your own chef, this special is your own selection of U.S. Choice rib eye, kurobuta pork belly, boneless short rib, or chicken breast, as well as your choice of house, pirikara, spicy miso, miso, or konbu broth. Served with umami rich vegetable platter, rice, udon, house ponzu and goma sauce.




Umamiya Shabu Shabu serves quality food that is comprised of 70% authentic Japanese style, 10% local influence, and 20% Korean flavors.

Umamiya derives from the word umami which means the fifth taste that combines sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. And 'ya' is the Japanese word for store or shop. The umami rich vegetable platter consists of an assortment of a dozen veggies where the umami can exude from cooking with the tasteful broths. Umamiya specializes in shabu shabu, sukiyaki, and nabe dishes.

Open only for dinner nightly, ample parking is shared with Liliha Bakery.



  • Nightly, 4:30pm–10pm (last seating)