Returning Restaurant Registration

Mahalo for your continued support of Restaurant Week Hawaii!

  • Some sponsor benefits have changed! Be sure to double-check you’re signing up for what you want.

  • Upon completion of this abbreviated form, we will contact you to confirm your information, based on our records.

  • If you are returning with multiple restaurants, and would like us to pull past registration for them, please indicate so, in the final box.

  • If a significant amount of your information has been changed since your last participation in Restaurant Week Hawaii, feel free to complete a full registration form instead.

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Contact Name
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RWH will confirm everything with you prior to forming an invoice/publicly posting.
Example: "All our information is the same, but we would like to come in at a Five Star Sponsor level this year instead." Example: "We also plan on returning with our other restaurant(s) as well, please send over info for those, too."