The Pig and The Lady

Restaurant Week Hawaii Lunch Menu

VIET PATE ON TOAST - pickled red jalapeno & chives

WEEKEND @ BURMESE SALAD - green papaya, tomato, garlic, sesame, various toasted nuts & sprouting seeds, serrano pepper, fermented lahpet vinaigrette




J. LUDOVICO CHICKEN KHAO SOI - northern thai dish of braised chicken leg in golden curry, pickled red onions & mustard greens, lime, herbs, egg noodles

HANOI GRILLED PORK - pork meatballs & belly flavored with betel leaves & lemongrass. served with aromatic herbs & lettuces, fish sauce vinaigrette, & cold vermicelli noodles


BLACK GARLIC CHAR SIU - smoked with kiawe then finished on the grill, green asparagus namul, pickled red fresno peppers, cilantro

HAWAIIAN PRAWN STEW - grilled with lemongrass, ho farm tomatoes slowly cooked with aromatic prawn butter, okra, scallions, chrysanthemum

banh mi

P&L PHO FRENCH DIP - 12 hr. roasted brisket, hoisin & sriracha glaze, thai basil chimmichurri, bean sprouts, & our classic pho broth to dip

VEGETARIAN PHO FRENCH DIP - slow roasted portobello mushrooms, hoisin bbq sauce, thai basil chimmichurri, bean sprouts, & our vefan pho broth to dip!


SUNDAE FUNDAY- soft serve swirl of dark chocolate & almond marshmallow, waffle bowl, candied macadamia nuts, coconut liqueur whipped cream, chocolate magic crack


Restaurant Week Hawaii Dinner Menu


Choice salad:

  • WEEKEND @ BURMESE SALAD - green papaya, tomato, garlic, sesame, various toasted nuts & sprouting seeds, serrano pepper, fermented lahpet vinaigrette
  • FUYU PERSIMMON & CHICORY SALAD - radicchio & mustard frisee, young herbs, honey vinegar, chicory coffee crumble

WILD BETEL LEAF & OCTOPUS SAUSAGE - braised then grilled spanish octopus wrapped with lemongrass beef & pork, side of aromatic herb salad, shrimp & pineapple sauce

Choice of entree:

  • KOJI AGED BEEF RIBEYE - hirabara green garlic, wasabi greens, sweet & tart roasted shallots, roasted potato gnocchi
  • SMOKED PORK JOWL - black garlic char siu sauce, pickled clementines, cauliflower, spinach, shiso
  • WHOLE MOI - smashed cucumber marinated with lemongrass & pepperoncini, dill, shallot
  • AUTUMN LEMON RICOTTA RAVIOLI - butternut squash & turmeric sauce, root vegetable, pomegranate, hazelnut, fried sage

LILIKOI SEMIFREDDO - carrot granite, cardamom pavlova, candied walnuts


From its humble beginnings as a pop-up restaurant, to a farmer's market stand and now a successful brick-and-mortar eatery, The Pig and the Lady cook up what is essentially the family meal in the truest sense -- Exposing Honolulu diners a cross-section of cuisine that has Vietnamese origins, but is eclectic and daring.

Led by twice-nominated James Beard semifinalist Chef Andrew Le and his team, they have developed a modern, fresh take on traditional Southeast Asian food, utilizing local products -- serving their famous banh mis and phos, along with new favorites.



  • Lunch: Monday–Friday, 10:30am–2pm, Saturday, 10:30am–3pm
  • Dinner: Tuesday–Saturday, 5:30pm–10pm