Piggy Smalls


Scallion Corn Cakes
Anchovy XO sauce, pickled charred corn, avocado crema, young cilantro

Moroccan Green Papaya
Carrot puree, cumin, mint, toasted almond, citrus vinaigrette

Smoked suckling pig, grilled cabbages, parmesan, dill, caramelized onion, pickled

Farmer's Goulash
Dumplings stuffed with potato & leeks, hungarian style stew of vegetables and sweet paprika, pickled carrot & its greens

Hanoi Shrimp Cold Noodles
Rice vermicelli noodles, aromatic herbs of dill + shiso + rau ram + mint, house pickles, roasted peanut, fried garlic, mam tom bac sauce

Smoked pho spiced beef pastrami, sriracha onions, pickled mustard seeds, awesome sauce

Slushy Float
Strawberry vanilla almond milk slushy float with buttermilk custard


PIGGY SMALLS is the newest restaurant from award winning chef Andrew Le and his team at The Pig & The Lady. In keeping with Andrew's culinary philosophy, this new iteration will have a unique and eclectic menu different from the main restaurant in Chinatown. Open 7 days a week serving lunch and dinner items, PIGGY SMALLS will also have quick takeaway items for the "on-the-go" diner, and also sit down service with playful bar menu and a dessert menu including the famous soft serve program, which will expand its myriad of flavors.

The intent of PIGGY SMALLS is to be a fixture and dining destination for the emerging urban core in Kakaako. Located in Ward Village Shops, dine in... Spend your Sunday having brunch with your family or dog in our outdoor seating area... Or if you're on the run, pick up some food at our to-go counter.



  • Monday–Saturday, 11am–9:30pm (3pm–5:30pm take out & limited menu outdoor dining only)
  • Sunday: 11am–4pm

The Pig and The Lady


Corn & Avocado Toast
Pickled corn, herb avocado, red jalapeno, cilantro, feta, toasted baguette

Green Papaya & Mung Bean Fritters
Fried mung bean fritters marinated in turmeric & galangal, aromatic herbs, peanuts, fried shallots, shrimp + coconut water sauce

SECOND COURSE – Choice of:

Grilled Lamb Burger
Chorizo spices, raclette, cheese, caramelized onions, pickled cucumber, local lettuce, hot chili aioli

Ahi Tataki Cold Noodles
Inspired from the famous Hanoi fish dish, Cha Ca La Vong. marinated in turmeric & galangal, seared on the plancha, scallions & dill with rice vermicelli, peanuts, aromatic herbs, mam tom sauce

Bone Marrow Pho
Bone marrow, brisket, rare beef, fresh ginger, calamansi, scallions, sawtooth herb, fresh rice noodle


In Love With The Coco Ice-Ice Baby
Coconut water granita ice, citrus & lemongrass jellies, frozen mango & compressed watermelon, salted lemon peel, shredded coconut, condensed milk espuma and crystallized ginger almond granola



Porcini Beignet
Cauliflower, parmesan, chives

Ahi Tataki on Spanish Toast
J.P.R.’S aged garlic shoyu, smashed tomato, avocado, chives, olive oil, fried baguette

Peas & Thank You
Sugar snap peas a la plancha, carrot puree, citrus gems, dukkah spice, mint

SECOND COURSE – Choice of:
Prawn & Chorizo Pasta
Pappardelle pasta, pork sausage, marinated with basque spices, saffron scented clam broth, preserved lemon, scallion

Balinese Fish Special
Inspired from the bold flavors of Bali. sauce is made with turmeric + Thai ginger + kukui nuts + lemongrass, accompanied with sugar snap pea + coconut urap, raspberry chili sambal, fried garlic, cilantro

Grilled Pork Chop
Charred persimmons, farro + poblano cooked with butternut squash, mustard greens

Soft Shell Crab Cha Ca
Inspired from the famous fish dish from Hanoi. marinated in turmeric-galangal, aromatic herbs of dill + shiso + rau ram + mint, house pickles, roasted peanuts, rice vermicelli, mam tom bac sauce

Pho Broth

Smoked Banana Suman
Warm coconut sweet rice cake, smoked banana butter and roasted pistachio crumble


From it’s humble beginnings as a pop-up restaurant, to a farmer's market stand and now a successful brick-and-mortar eatery, The Pig and the Lady cook up what is essentially the family meal in the truest sense -- Exposing Honolulu diners a cross-section of cuisine that has Vietnamese origins, but is eclectic and daring.

Led by twice-nominated James Beard semifinalist Chef Andrew Le and his team (including his mother, Mama Le and his older brother, Alex, who is the General Manager of the restaurant and Farmer's markets), they have developed a modern, fresh take on traditional Southeast Asian food, utilizing local productsserving their famous banh mis and phos, along with new favorites.

Le is the one of the few chefs cooking contemporary food built on Southeast Asian flavors that has garnered rave reviews—a foundation built on delicious memories first introduced by his mother. He has been interviewed and reviewed in Honolulu Magazine and is called a “rising star” by national online magazine Star Chefs.com. He is also a 2014 James Beard Foundation “Rising Star Chef of the Year” and 2015 “Best Chef: West” semifinalist.

The Pig and The Lady has won numerous awards, including Bon Appétit’s Best New Restaurants 2014 (nominee), Honolulu Magazine’s Hale Aina and The Star Advertiser’s Ilima awards. They have also been written up in the New York Times, Bloomberg News and been showcased on Unique Eats, Unique Sweets, Man Finds Food, and Zagat just to name a few.



  • Lunch: Monday–Friday, 10:30am–2pm, Saturday, 10:30am–3pm
  • Dinner: Tuesday–Saturday, 5:30pm–10pm